6 week update.

6 weeks, I know right. It’s gone way to quick. 

I was going to do a 1 month update but before I knew it, he is 5 weeks and I still haven’t even started. I’m not complaining though as I have got my social life back and I bloody love it!
Lennon’s likes
Sleeping – all he seems to do is sleep, then he will wake up for a bottle, make some squeaky noises and then go back to sleep. BORRRRIIINNNNGGG! (bet I don’t say that in a few months time aye)
Movement – Lennon loves his rocker chair, he is in it the majority of the day to be honest. Just sleeping whilst rocking forwards and backwards. He will even start to wine when it stops and he will cry if you don’t turn it back on quick enough. Luckily he sooths himself back to sleep
Sucking his index finger – why on earth he has chosen the index finger instead of the thumb I don’t know. Its one thing that I don’t like, I would prefer him to have a dummy. As a dummy is easier to take away when he is older (obviously I wont chop his finger off).
Lennon’s dislikes 
Bath time – the only time he really cries is when its bath time. Its really strange as its my favourite thing to do. I can be in the bath for hours. He is slowly getting used to it but we have to wrap him in a towel whilst he is in the water. (Yes, I’m washing and drying so many towels at the moment). I play rain music from spotify on my phone whilst I bath him too, i even find it quite calming.
People sneezing – Lennon doesn’t wake up to loud noises like my dog barking, the hoover, the door knocking. Nope, he wakes up to people sneezing. Weird child.
Farting –  Lennon much prefers to let his wind out through his bottom instead of up through his mouth. Anyone who has met Lennon and had a cuddle will already know this as he likes to pop on everyone he meets.
Current feeding and bedtime routine. 
I’m trying to implement the bath, bottle and bed idea quite early on so he can get himself into a routine. Some say its to early but I don’t give a shit. My baby, my rules! I don’t bath him every day as 1. He gets traumatised by it. 2. It’s not good for his skin. After the bath I will talc him all up (love the smell) and get him dressed super quickly as he isn’t keen on being naked. By this time he has cried so much its knackered him out so he has a few ounces of milk and then nods straight off. Sometimes he wakes up as I lay him in his moses basket but he soothes himself back off.
I always put the Ewan the sheep playing in the back ground whilst he is getting dressed and having his bottle. He also wears his grobag every night too.
When I first started the bath, bottle and bed trick he was waking up at 12 then 4 then 8 for a feed. Then the 12 one dropped and then last night he went through 8:30-6:30. Fingers crossed it stays that way.
What have I learnt since being a mum? 

I’ve learnt to trust my instincts, I know my baby better then anyone. I will know what to do and if I do need any advice take it from professionals, even then you don’t have to take it as they could be wrong too. Babies are all different and have different personality’s and things that they like/dislike. I’ve also learnt that if you have a newborn with a cold, you cant give them anything. Very frustrating!

Jade x

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