First time flying solo.

I don’t understand why I was so scared to fly as I think I actually enjoyed the peace and quiet. I will most definitely fly solo again.
When I got to Dublin airport I found my Bestie and of course, she cried. (She always does)
I had finally come to see her new little home on a farm in Maynooth (I think that’s what its called), we had settled in had a good catch up and got ready for our first night out in Dublin town.

Obviously drinking lemonade isn’t quite as good as Vodka, lemonade and lime but I didn’t care. I had missed my best friend so much and I had so much to tell her. We didn’t stay out late and Kerri drove us there so we went back and the boys come back at god knows what time that morning. Me and Kerri were up before the boys so we went shopping at a local shopping centre and to the shittest carnival ever. We briefly visited the beach and a very over priced hotel for a drink before heading back home for a chilled evening in with films and goodies. The next morning we went to Dublin zoo. After the zoo we went back home and had another chill night as we was frozen, Ireland is so bloody cold. The next morning we went into Dublin town, we had ice creams, looked around some more shops and visited a wax works museum. (I love museums!) After our busy day I had a late flight back to Luton. It was very hard to say Good Bye especially as I was flying back solo again.

‘The bond between us will remain forever strong’.

Jade x