Reminiscing my childhood

Childhood "A part of life that creates beautiful memories". One of my questions on my Q&A was "what is you favourite childhood memory?" and it really took me back to a lot of great memories I have had as a child. I couldn't ever choose just one, thinking about all these memories has made me... Continue Reading →


Questions & Answers "Sometimes questions are more important then answers" Let me just start by saying what a fun post to write, it was something a bit different and I really got to know what the audience want to see. I would like to say Thank you to Amber for giving me this idea, she... Continue Reading →

4 month update.

"Just hearing his little giggle makes all the tiredness go away" Lennon’s likes   Floor time -  Doesn't matter if he is on his tummy or his back he loves to be on the floor and kicking his legs. He get's very agitated now if he doesn't get some space to stretch out. Lennon sometimes... Continue Reading →

My Weight Issue’s.

Please stop telling me to eat more. Anyone who knows me know's how much I eat. My friends always say they are jealous of me being able to eat what ever I want (as long as it's gluten free) and not have to worry about my weight. But, I do worry about my weight. I... Continue Reading →

London with Lennon.

Lennon went to London! I have wanted to go to London with Lennon for a while now as I love to visit the place myself. There is so much to do in London and I really wanted to see how it would be travelling on trains with a buggy. On Monday 26th March I had... Continue Reading →


My fave Instagram Photographers. I have done this post as I have always been into photography and never really done much about it. I would love to do a course to finally pursue a hobby I have always found interesting. I have chosen 5 ladies who have amazing photography skills. They all have different aspects... Continue Reading →

From babies with love X

From Babies With Love X I would like to let all you Mummy's know about this amazing charity. They produce clothes, toys and other items that are all beautifully made and the profits all go to a great cause. I have recently brought Lennon a huge muslin off the website and I have fallen in... Continue Reading →

10 facts about me.

10 facts about me. 1. I used to be the fussiest eater and now I am the complete opposite. It was always hard for my Mum to get me to finish a meal but now I am asking for seconds. 2. I was planning to travel Australia for a year the same month I found... Continue Reading →

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